Tribal Football Recenzje App



Nice footy news app

Very much awesome accessing latest sporting gist

Was amazing but doesn't work after update

This was my go to app before the most recent update. There's an issue with selecting your favorite team. For example if I select Serie A only 4 teams show up (non of which are any top teams). Now I must resort to the main feed which is bloated.

Great App for Soccer Fans

This is one of my new favorite apps. I can keep up with all the transfer news, other soccer headlines, and still get live scores. Lots of great features bundled into one app. There is a option to connect it with your Facebook or Twitter and it works fine even if you choose not to. -Only thing I wish I could do is comment on articles without it using Facebook.

Good app

Has all the info and many people say you need fb to use it but you dont its just an option. It could be a little more organized though.


Looks like a great app, kinda like caught offside but before it opens it crashes. Pointless. Please fix soon!

Neat looking - awful performance

For the record, I downloaded this app twice to give it a second shot. Now, I was kind of impressed by the layout and design and sleek feeds from twitter, but quickly the issues became very evident, the news take forever and longer to load, even over wi-fi, the match fixtures are way out of whack, very inaccurate and they don't refresh or fix itself, the font for the headlines are incomplete and quiet small...poor poor effort, if these issues were fixed this app would have plenty of potential

Read this

Can the website on the iPod not go to the app because that is very annoying. It was better how it was before where I can read it on the website instead of it taking me to the app which does t even load all the news.


This app rocks! Is always giving you great updated info! It's great !

Good app

Good app

Waste of time

This app gets way ahead of itself. I could care less about points, checking in and connecting to Facebook. I want my football news and I can't get it unless I jump through all these hoops. A complete waste of time. All I wanted was a iPhone viewer of their website content, not all that other overhead. Stick with the website.

Not worth it. Why i have to have a facebook to read my team news?

Useless, It asks you to log in facebook if you want to use anything in the app.why? What if i dont want to? Not worth it

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